Drill Ship Introduction

For most jobs I get a call saying “we need someone to fill in on rig X, can you leave tomorrow?”  Or maybe a call saying a “A new job is starting, you will be first crew out there. You leave in 2 days.”  This particular job was a little unusual as we were not going to be drilling.   The objective was to go to the drill ship and get all of our surface equipment set up so everything is ready to start drilling.  Pretty much means setting up computers, running cables, and maybe installing sensors at various locations of the rig.

The awesome thing about this particular rig, it was a drill ship and dual derrick to boot!  Which means it looks like a cargo ship but literally with two derricks sticking up.  (See the picture below)  It was also brand new, it had not drilled yet!  So overall a totally new experience.  The following two posts will be a few of the fun things that happened on this wonderful rig.

Watching the drill ship get smaller as we ride away.


~ by JBogh on January 10, 2011.

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